Our solutions help organisations reach and realise the full potential of their people.
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Talent Acquisition


From executive search to graduate recruitment, we integrate scientific research with our practical experience and industry-specific expertise to recruit professionals of all levels and functions for our clients.

Leadership Development


Great leaders are born, but they can also be made. Effective leadership development helps organisations unlock the potential of their people and experience unprecedented high performance.

People Strategy


If there is a single certainty across all businesses and organisations,it is that high performance is impossible without great people. We believe organisations must design and implement a comprehensive talent strategy in order to compete in tomorrow’s world.


  • Workforce planning
  • Early career professional learning
  • Graduate recruitment
  • Leadership learning and succession
  • Search and selection
  • Performance, engagement and retention
Our Brands
Oceanova Solutions


Oceanova offers a variety of events, courses and experiences through which we share our leading-edge research and perspectives on the latest trends in leadership and people performance.

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Our Brands

Our brands collectively bring a holistic approach to talent management and development.

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National College of EducationEduStaffLeadership MattersUnlocking PotentialPremier PathwaysNational Centre for Leadership and Management

Our Values

Oceanova Innovation


Innovation isn't just what we do, it's who we are.

Using design thinking methodology, we seek to create service transformation designs that deliver real benefits to organisations and society.

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Oceanova Collaboration


We collaborate with clients by designing actionable talent strategies,services and products that develop people and their organisations.

We are proud partners of organisations that share our beliefs, values,principles and ambition for creating a better world.

We believe in contribution over competition, and collaboration is the at the heart of our culture. A ‘team of teams’, we aim to serve our associates both inside and outside of Oceanova.

Oceanova Excellence


Action without thought is impulsiveness, thought without action is procrastination.

Guided by leading thinkers and research, we have a hard-earned reputation for getting the job done. We have a proud track record of operational excellence and delivery at scale. Our principles guide us but our performance defines us.