Premier Pathways

Case Study

In 2016, EduStaff employed over 600 graduates as Teaching Assistants in our client schools, the majority of whom would progress to various teacher training pathways.


We developed strong collaborative relationships with a number of universities who were keen to recruit our graduate talent, but found there was a huge variance in the quality of teacher training between these providers.Many of our customers were being short-changed.


We decided that we had a key role to play in supporting our graduates throughout their teacher training, as they took their first steps in that challenging profession.


Speaking with our customers, clients and partners, we analysed the various teacher training routes available to schools and graduates and found the following:


  • The full-time PGCE was the best training, but was too expensive following the introduction of tuition fees for undergraduate degrees. Working class graduates were being excluded from entering the profession.
  • In-school training was very low-paid, if a salary was available at all, and most offers did not carry a PGCE and so the training was sub-standard.
  • PGCE experience placements were poorly co-ordinated, and many students were ‘under cooked’ as they began their first job.
  • Attrition rates were prohibitively high, over 50% in some cases, and schools were wasting significant sums in recruitment fees and contractual obligations - they had no flexibility.


We sought to create a pathway that delivered the following features and benefits to schools and graduates:


  • The highest quality teacher training, a full PGCE with level 7 credits, delivered by an outstanding university.
  • Absolutely no cost to the trainee.
  • A full salary that exceeds the living wage throughout the duration of the programme.
  • 2 years of experience to give context to the academic learning.
  • Unprecedented levels of support to reinforce the trainee’s well being through their first steps in the profession.
  • No-strings, flexible employment terms for schools, giving them confidence to recruit with foresight and purpose.
  • Rigorous selection and coaching to ensure all participants are focused on creating a career in teaching.


We succeeded.


Premier Pathways is now a permanent fixture on the teacher training landscape, lauded by school leaders, system leaders, local authorities,politicians, think tanks and, most importantly, our current trainees and alumni.


To fully realise our vision for Premier Pathways, we are now focused on scaling up to deliver the pathway to all corners of the UK,connecting graduates of all backgrounds to teaching opportunities in their local communities and providing role models for children.

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